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  • We, meteoblue AG, give you direct access to weather forecast model output. This output is generated automatically without human supervision.

  • The weather forecast model output is not provided as a commercial product. You may not use these forecasts for any commercial purpose, planning, or scheduling any activities. You may not distribute or otherwise provide access to the data to third parties, directly or indirectly, in any form whatever.

  • You are allowed to post our forecast graphics in Forums/Blogs for noncommercial purposes if the source www.meteoblue.com is shown as a hyperlink.

  • There are no guarantees on the quality of the forecasts. These data are provided WITHOUT WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or any other warranty of any sort, express or implied. There are no guarantees on the reliability, scheduling, timeliness of the forecasts.

  • YOU HEREBY ASSUME ALL RISK for any damages or claims arising from any use that you make of the forecast data.

  • In any copies made for internal uses (except as prohibited above), you shall clearly identify the weather forecast model output as originating from meteoblue AG and include this disclaimer

  • We reserve the right to terminate access to the data at any time for any reason whatsoever

For further information please contact: info@meteoblue.com